Cedar Creek Trail

Cedar Creek Trail 2Included with your Natural Bridge ticket purchase, take a leisurely stroll to the Bridge and beyond on our oldest and most well-known trail. Originally constructed in 1926, the trail begins at Cascade Falls near the Gatehouse Pavilion & Grill, passes under the Natural Bridge, and follows the creek to Lace Falls—a luscious 30+ foot cascade—for a total walking distance of about a mile on relatively flat land.

The trail’s namesake, Cedar Creek, begins on Short Hills just a few miles northeast of the Bridge, and ends at the James River a few miles south. It is thought the creek entered a cavern millions of years ago and, over time, eroded much of the underlying limestone rock to sculpt the Bridge. Saltpeter Cave

The creek and the surrounding land is now an important part of the ecosystem. Look and listen for birds such as Common Raven, Louisiana Waterthrush, and Green Heron. Watch the creekbed for Queen Snakes and Northern Water Snakes, and look to the forest floor for wildflowers such as Large-flowered Trillium, Jack-in-the- Pulpit, and Wild Columbine. Butterflies like the Red-spotted Purple, Eastern Comma, and several species of swallowtail, are common here. Be sure to visit the Monacan Indian Living History Exhibit and other historical points of interest on your walk, including an old saltpeter mine used during the War of 1812 and the Civil War for collecting raw materials for gunpowder production, and the Lost River, a mysterious underground channel of water that now spills into Cedar Creek.


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