Naturalist Notes and Weekly Update from Ranger Gretch

June 27 saw an early evening thunderstorm bringing a quick shift in barometric pressure, strong winds and a lovely downturn in temperatures and humidity !  Will it hold for the 4th of July ?

A weekend shout –out to Ellen from Lexington and her lovely family.  Ellen, thanks for sharing your thoughts about conservation.  It is evident that you truly care about stewardship and preserving what is best about Virginia for your beautiful Grandchildren.  A shout-out also to the lovely bridal party who managed to exchange vows before the deluge hit !

Birding Buddies :   This week, if you stroll along Cedar Creek Trail, you may hear some Red Eyed Vireos and Ovenbirds ( I know : it seems perhaps a bit late for them to be so vocal), I’ve also been seeing Indigo Buntings along the Monacan Trail, which starts behind the hotel.

Watch for big Bullfrogs posing behind the Summerhouse and any number of water snakes.

Blooming this Week:  Mullein, Black-eyed Susan, Queen Anne’s Lace, Milkweed