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NaturalBridge052013_256Students & Groups at Natural Bridge Park

Fall is a great time for a field trip to the Natural Bridge, and the Caverns are a field trip destination throughout the winter. No matter the weather outside, it is always 55 degrees in the Caverns. The Natural Bridge Park is one of Virginia’s best field trip and group tour destinations. We are perfect for bus tours, RV groups, day camps, church outings, scout organizations, and schools. Walk the trails and learn about wildlife, birds, and rare species of plants and trees. Experience the Monacan Indian Living History Exhibit, explore the deepest caverns on the east coast, and learn about the discovery of Natural Bridge and the past 200+ years of history surrounding the site.

Jefferson_Color_wall_largeThe Natural Bridge interpretative staff consists of teachers and professionals that have devoted years to researching and presenting the facts about the Bridge and surrounding area. Interpreters are available to answer questions, make presentations, and guide groups through our caverns, on our trails, and at the  arch itself.

We have paid particular attention to the state of Virginia Standards of Learning criteria and developed our educational programs to be supporting of SOL requirements K-12. We have SOL-supporting units in History, Geography, Economics, Civics, and Virginia Studies.  Here, read a letter to School Superintendents.

Jefferson_BoyIn addition to the SOL-supporting programs, we focus our education programs on bridge and area history, caverns, archaeology, geology, and ecology.

Starting in the fall of 2014, we are evaluating a new archaeology field school for 4th-8th grade students. This new exhibit is a recreation of an archaeological dig site similar to those found at Native American sites throughout the region. Students will be able to learn how to methodically evaluate, excavate, record and interpret a recreated Indian encampment buried for hundreds of years.

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