Revitalizing the Historic Hotel

DSC_0150 Natural Bridge is a special place that consists of the Natural Bridge arch, Cedar Creek, over 1600 acres of land, and buildings devoted to the hotel, restaurants, artisan’s center, and caverns. The Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund took ownership of the property in early February of 2014 and immediately started an aggressive program of cleaning, fixing, and renovating the Natural Bridge campus. New roofs are being put on the hotel and caverns buildings and a full room renovation is planned for hotel including the patio rooms and the cottages. New heating and air conditioning units are being installed and a renewable energy system for the hotel implemented. The Colonial Dining Room, lobby, and gift shop are slated for renovation to add a bar, coffee house, and business center. An exercise room is being planned for the second floor. The entire complex is being rewired for high speed internet access.

DSC_0201At the Rockbridge Center (formerly known as the Gift Shop), new exhibits are planned that focus on the history, ecology, and geology of the site as well as emphasizing local crafts and foods. The Museum building will be repaired, a new high efficiency furnace installed, and eventually the building will be converted into a Discovery Center for kids and adults to learn more about the area. The Virginia State Park headquarters will be housed there as well. Other buildings are undergoing a makeover and upgrades. We invite you to visit and have a look around to see the progress. There are many opportunities to volunteer, we will post them on the event calendar. Thank you for your interest in the Natural Bridge Park and Historic Hotel!