Check out our first installment of information from our Park Naturalist… here! Naturalist Notes #1

The Natural Bridge property is managed by the Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund, a nonprofit devoted to conservation, education, and recreation. Natural Bridge consists of over 1600 acres of wildlife habitat, streams, and caves that are home to hundreds of wildlife species, rare bats, invertebrates, and unusual communities of plants. The property is uniquely located as a bridge between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Ridge and Valley Province of the Allegheny Mountains.

The property will be preserved and restored wherever possible before donation of the property to the Virginia State Parks system. Several conservation strategies are under development such as restoring old fields to native grass species to support early succession wildlife habitat and controlling erosion on roads and trails. Surveys of the vegetation and wildlife of the site will take place initially in 2014 and 2015.

Current conservation efforts are taking place with the implementation of a site-wide recycling program, as well as water conservation initiatives within the hotel rooms and the property at large.

Natural Bridge Hotel Qualifies for Green Lodging Program

Our overall mission here at Natural Bridge is ConservationEducation, and Recreation.  We’ve recently qualified for the Virginia Green Lodging program that is run by Virginia Tourism. Being in the green lodging program meets our mission of Conservation because it focuses heavily on reducing waste, recycling, reducing energy and water use, and practices like eliminating unnecessary washing of bedding and towels.  These efforts are a few of many ways we show how proud we are of what we have here at Natural Bridge.

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