Virginia White Water Rafting

Looking for a bit of a thrill while on your Vacation in Virginia? Try Virginia White Water Rafting when you visit during the warmer months. The Natural Bridge in Virginia is located in Virginia’s pristine Shenandoah Valley and nearby to excellent places to enjoy Whitewater Rafting Virginia. Both the Maury River and the James River contain excellent waters to raft, and there are other fast flowing creeks in the region that are home to some wonderful conditions for Virginia White Water Rafting. Learn more about the fantastic spots to enjoy Whitewater Rafting Virginia near the Natural Bridge VA and the Natural Bridge Hotel. Most visitors who choose to enjoy Whitewater Rafting Virginia while on their trip choose to go with expert whitewater guides who are readily available at the whitewater outfitter outposts throughout the region. Start planning your Weekend Getaway in Virginia and learn more by browsing the information on our site.

The Virginia White Water Rafting on the Maury River is excellent in the section between Goshen Pass and Rockbridge Baths. This six mile long area of Virginia Whitewater Rafting river has sections that are classified as class III+ and class IV, so it provides tons of thrills for beginners and those who might be frequent rafters. Then from Rockbridge Baths, the Maury River becomes a bit calmer and contains class II and class III and is a much longer, 32 mile stretch of Virginia White Water Rafting.

The James River in Rockbridge County has a 5 mile long section of river that stretches from Glasgow to Snowdon and contains class II and class III rapids that are wonderful for youngsters and beginners. Also, the four mile section of Colliers Creek, from Collierstown to Buffalo Creek contains many class II-III rapids that are easily maneuvered.

For those Virginia White Water enthusiasts who are up for the challenge, Rockbridge County VA offers tons of class IV and class V sections of rapids. Marl Creek, along roadside Route 706 has a short section of rapids that provide a fast burst of thrills, and Laurel Run from Game Road to the Maury River is a bit longer at 1.5 miles and has a fast section of river that is wonderful for those who are looking for a bit more rafting adventure.

Escape to Natural Bridge Virginia, a place where there are unlimited Virginia Tourist Attractions including the historic Natural Bridge landmark, the deepest Caverns in VA, the Natural Bridge Caverns and beautiful Virginia Waterfalls at Lace Falls. Start planning your Vacation in Virginia at the Natural Bridge and be sure to take advantage of the Natural Bridge Lodging at the Natural Bridge Hotel Virginia.