Hiking Trails Virginia

All around the Natural Bridge Virginia you will find great places to go Virginia Mountain Hiking. Most of the Hiking Trails Virginia around the Natural Bridge in Virginia Attraction are very easy, to ensure that everyone can enjoy one of the most unique Virginia Tourist Attractions. There are also other Hiking Trails Virginia nearby to the Natural Bridge Hotel that are moderate Virginia Mountain Hiking trails, many of which lead to gorgeous Virginia Waterfalls and panoramic views of the Shenandoah Valley VA. In addition to the Hiking Trails Virginia that lead throughout the George Washington National Forest, the Jefferson National Forest and the VA Blue Ridge Parkway, the Appalachian Trail in Virginia also meanders its way through regions in Rockbridge County near Natural Bridge Virginia. Learn more about the scenic Hiking Trails Virginia and start planning a Vacation in Virginia.

The Hiking Trails Virginia nearest to Natural Bridge VA are the Virginia Mountain Hiking trails at Cave Mountain Lake and the James River Face Wilderness Area. The short, one-half mile Panther Knob Natural Trail and the four mile Wildcat Mountain Trail within the Cave Mountain Lake Recreation Area are excellent places to enjoy Hiking in Northern Virginia. To get to the recreation area, take Route 130 from the Natural Bridge to Natural Bridge Station and then take Route 759 to Route 781 and you will begin to see signs that lead to the trails. Within the James River Face Wilderness Area, there are several Hiking Trails Virginia, many of which are convenient to Route 782. Gunter Ridge Trail and the Balcony Falls Trails are off of Route 782, and The Belfast Trail and the Sulphur Springs Trail are located off of Route 781. For an easy nature walk, enjoy the trails at Locher Tract. Most of the trails are just shy of a mile and many follow loops around ponds or along the James River. Along these Virginia Mountain Hiking trails are also some great flat areas to relax and enjoy a picnic, bring along lunch, a kite, or a Frisbee. Follow along Route 759 to Route 782 (left) and continue straight after the road becomes a gravel road (FS 3093).

The Appalachian Trail
The Appalachian Trail Virginia near the Natural Bridge follows the James River and includes some hikes through parts of the Jefferson National Forest as well. The Apple Orchard Falls Trail to Petites Gap, the Petites Gap to James River, and the James River Face Wilderness Preview trails are part of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. The Apple Orchard Falls Trail to Petites Gap leg includes an almost 800 foot climb to the summit of Apple Orchard Mountain, however there are plenty of beautiful wildflowers to stop and look at along the way. The Petites Gap to the James River leg is particularly grueling during the first uphill mile but after this climb the rest of the hike is downward and features great views around Marble Spring. James River Face Wilderness is a 9,000 acre rugged, wilderness region that follows along the James River with a trail access point located on the VA Blue Ridge Parkway at milepost 71. Another area, Thunder Ridge Wilderness Area is a smaller, 2500 acre wilderness tract located just south of Petites Gap that is also an excellent place to enjoy Virginia Mountain Hiking.

In addition to Virginia Mountain Hiking, Natural Bridge VA is nearby to some wonderful places to enjoy other Things to Do in Virginia, like exploring the Caverns in VA, enjoying cycling on the Mountain Bike Trails in Virginia, four wheeling on the ATV Trails Virginia,Virginia Golf Deals, Horseback Riding Vacations in VA, Virginia Fly Fishing, and Virginia White Water Rafting. You can have a wonderful Vacation in Virginia at the Natural Bridge when you enjoy our Natural Bridge Lodging at the Natural Bridge Hotel, which offers much more refined, historic, and charming accommodations than the Hotels in Lexington VA. Stay right at the Natural Bridge VA, nearby to the Natural Bridge Toy Museum in VA,Natural Bridge Wax Museum in VA, and the Natural Bridge Restaurants. Learn more about other Virginia Mini Vacations and Romantic Vacations in Virginia and plan to visit the Natural Bridge; a beautiful, historic place located right near many places to shop for Antiques Lexington VA, the Lexington VA Drive In Theatre, the Virginia Horse Center, Boxerwood Gardens and the Civil War Virginia Battlefields. Stay and play right in the heart of it all!