Historic Grave Sites

Two popular historic Attractions in Virginia include the grave sites of Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson. These infamous Civil War Generals were big characters in the history of this region of Virginia, and their stories are regularly told to tourists of the area.

Robert Edward Lee was a Civil War Confederate General, with half of his campaigns noted as victories during the war. Lee was named General-in-Chief of all the southern armies during the last winter of the war, but there was little he could do by this time to prevent the loss of the war. After the war, Lee was appointed President of Washington College and held this position for five years. He died in 1870, and was buried at the chapel of Washington College. His funeral procession was notably large, featuring a brass band with muffled drums, a hearse, “Traveler,” General Lee’s horse, followed by thousands of people. The procession traveled around town and through the college, finally concluding at the chapel with cannon fire by cadets of Virginia Military Institute. Originally buried in the floor of the college chapel, Lee’s remains now rest in a family crypt in the lower level of the chapel.

The Thomas Stonewall Jackson Grave

The Thomas Stonewall Jackson Grave is another of the historic Attractions in Virginia. Stonewall Jackson was a Civil War Confederate Major General. He attended school at West Point and received notoriety during Mexican War. He resigned from the army to become a professor at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington Virginia. Ordered to Richmond as a Brigadier General in the Civil War, he earned his nickname “Stonewall” at Bull Run because of his demeanor on the battlefield. Jackson’s life ended tragically because of the Chancellorsville Battle, where he was mistakenly shot by Confederate soldiers when returning from a night scouting mission. His left arm was amputated, and he came down with fever and pneumonia because of the injury and died eight days later. His body was taken to Richmond and sent by boat to Virginia Military Institute, where cadets carried it to his old classroom. From sunrise to sunset, a battery fired salutes, and he was then buried at the family plot in Lexington Virginia. His body was later moved to be buried under a statue in the cemetery center. For history buffs on Vacation in Virginia, the Thomas Stonewall Jackson Grave should be included in their travel plans.

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