Natural Bridge Hotel

Visitors have been coming the Natural Bridge in Virginia since the late 1700s and the Natural Bridge Hotel at the Natural Bridge Attractions in Virginia has been offering the very best in Natural Bridge Lodging since that time. A historic place, the Natural Bridge Hotel Virginia first began offering rooms for pay in 1828. This was a time when the Natural Bridge Virginia was at its heyday as a place the rich from around the world visited to explore the countryside and enjoy Virginia Getaways. It was then that guests stayed at the Jefferson Cottage, now a part of the Natural Bridge Hotel. The Natural Bridge Hotel, Virginia is located right at the Natural Bridge Virginia Attraction and close to all of the Natural Bridge Virginia Attractions and activities. When you stay at the Natural Bridge Hotel you will enjoy Natural Bridge Lodging right at the Natural Bridge attraction, the Natural Bridge Caverns and the many other unique activities located here. Learn more about the Natural Bridge in Virginia.

History of the Natural Bridge

Thomas Jefferson once owned the Natural Bridge; he purchased 157 acres of land that included the Natural Bridge VA from King George III of England in 1774, paying only 20 shillings. After buying the land, Jefferson built a two room log cabin with one room reserved for his guests, and he began to visit the Natural Bridge VA as a Virginia Getaway. It is believed that before that time, George Washington visited the Natural Bridge Virginia in 1750 as a surveyor on business for Lord Thomas Fairfax, the 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron; many believed the initials GW that are carved on the bridge wall were the initials of the first president of the United States.

The Natural Bridge Virginia is one of many fascinating Vacation Spots in Virginia, however the Natural Bridge VA is unique in that it offers a little bit of everything and is perfect for Virginia Mini Vacations. Enjoy the Natural Bridge Show the Drama of the Creation, explore the Natural Bridge Caverns and photograph the stunning Natural Bridge, a natural landmark that many find awe-inspiring. Today, the Natural Bridge Hotel offers three different style rooms including rooms in the Main Hotel, which features grand, colonial style decor, Patio Rooms in the patio section of the Natural Bridge Hotel which offers Natural Bridge Lodging of a more casual style, or the Natural Bridge Hotel Cottages. A much better alternative than other Natural Bridge Lodging options, like Lexington Virginia Hotels which tend to be commercialized, the Natural Bridge Hotel, Virginia has lodging and accommodations for every budget and offers Natural Bridge Lodging with a unique, historical flare.

Interested in Virginia Mountain Weddings? The Natural Bridge Hotel, located right at the Natural Bridge Virginia Tourist Attractions, is a one-of-a-kind place to get married, and the Natural Bridge Hotel has a wonderful restaurant, the Natural Bridge Restaurant which can cater the entire event. Meeting rooms and other services are available, learn more about hosting a Virginia Mountain Wedding at the Natural Bridge Hotel Virginia. Learn more about Virginia Vacations and the different packages available.