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Natural Bridge of Virginia

15 Appledore Lane

Natural Bridge, VA 24578

Ph: 1-800-533-1410


The Natural Bridge is located just off Exit 175 on I-81 in Virginia between Lexington, VA and Roanoke, VA.

Exit 180 also takes you to Natural Bridge, but takes you 3.7 miles through the town of Natural Bridge, VA.

Exit 175 is a more direct route off I-81.

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Virginia’s Natural Bridge Park & Historic Hotel

About the Owner:

Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund, Inc. (“VCLF”) is a nonprofit organization which seeks to conserve Virginia’s natural resources for public access and enjoyment. Our work in preserving and restoring wildlife habitat is also designed to create economic activity through the recreational and mixed use of Virginia’s forests and open spaces. VCLF is a member of the Kissito Healthcare, Inc. portfolio of companies. Kissito Healthcare is a 25-year old Roanoke, Virginia-based, nonprofit charity working both domestically and internationally in Health, Aging, Nutrition, Natural Resources, and Human Development. The relationship between health, nutrition, and our natural environment is well documented. VCLF and Kissito seek to blend these three disciplines to improve the quality of life for the people of Virginia while sustaining our natural resources.